The Inspiration

The day box and night box engagement ring box was born out of anxiety and many many ruined surprises. As jewelers in the heart of New York City's famed diamond district, we are surrounded by lots of jewelry and nervous guys looking to pop the question. 

Many of the rings are breathtaking but the boxes they come in are downright disappointing. They are usually ugly, bulky and made with cheap materials. We often wondered...why would anyone put a ten thousand dollar ring in a five dollar box??

It wasn't until one of us proposed that we realized there needed to be a flat well-made engagement ring box. We went to our packaging suppliers and looked through hundreds of boxes in their catalogs - not a single one was flat enough to conceal in a jean pocket. 

We decided to do something about it and quickly had a few prototypes on our desks. Every single client that came in curiously picked up the box to see what it was and ended up guilt tripping us into making one for them.