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You’ve invested your time and money into building a collection. Now protect your property and your wallet with comprehensive global coverage at competitive rates.

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Whether you’re covering a single engagement ring or your entire family collection, a jewelry insurance policy guarantees piece of mind.

Unintentional loss

If an earring sinks during a scuba excursion or you misplace a bracelet while you’re packing up your hotel room, you’re covered. Live life to its fullest without worrying about your jewelry going missing.

Property Theft

Jewelry is obviously a target for theft: people want to steal nice things. It’s awful, but it happens. Insurance safeguards your jewelry in the event someone decides to make off with your stuff, no matter where in the world it is.

Damage Beyond Wear & Tear

Sometimes our most precious possessions are the most delicate. A sound insurance policy will protect you for damage to your jewelry beyond the regular wear and tear.

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Annual coverage starts at just 1.35%* of the property value.

* The minimum policy price is $125